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Mining data center
Placement of ASIC, GPU and fully-packed mining containers
Juridical clarity
No security payments
Safe and reliable ecosystem
Placing cost 0,076 USD/kW
Single tariff 4.2RUB/ kW (0,076USD)
regardless of leased capacity
Стоимость размещения
Antminer S19 110 Th/s
92,82 USD
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Antminer S17 Pro-53TH/s
69,45 USD
Разместить устройства
Antminer S17 Pro-56TH/s
80,49 USD
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Antminer S17 Pro-59TH/s
83,74 USD
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Antminer S17+ 67TH/s
77,76 USD
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Antminer S17+ 70TH/s
80,75 USD
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Antminer S17+ 73TH/s
82,96 USD
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Antminer T17+ 58TH/s
83,74 USD
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Antminer T17+ 61TH/s
86,59 USD
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Antminer T19-88TH/s
89,58 USD
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Antminer Z15
49,72 USD
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Antminer Z11
49,72 USD
Разместить устройства
95,29 USD
Разместить устройства
28,82 USD
Разместить устройства
WhatsMiner M30S 88 Th/s
94,9 USD
Разместить устройства
Whatsminer M30s++ 112TH/s
99,44 USD
Разместить устройства
Farms on video cards
On request
Рассчитать стоимость
Parking space for any types of ASIC - miners and GPU farms
Device Installation, starting-up and adjustment works
24/7 technical support and service
Platform visiting and direct access to devices
The cost includes:
MINESPOT is the biggest platform for getting income from mining with legal smooth access to electrical energy and unlimited connection.
Data center with total capacity of 160MW is based on The Boguchany Dam's capacity
The staff of two production areas serves data center 24/7 all the year round. Engineers passed through admission and certification levels that are needed for working with customers' and infrastructure equipment of data center
Energy complex of Minespot data center is equipped with ASKUER (Automated system for monitoring and accounting of energy resources) isolated system, which is based on "Pyramid" software. Thereby clients can get online access to information on energy consumption of their own devices.

As part of IT support, each client is provided with a dedicated VPN tunnel with the ability to monitor and control the situation using official firmware for increasing the energy efficiency of clients' equipment and for the growth of the investment profitability
Security level is maintained by means of engineer security systems and physical protection resources: restricted area, 24 hour armed security of the facility
Put clients' equipment «on a shelf»
Technical staff of Minespot made a re-equipment of data center's building, built an infrastructure for distribution network, equipped it with ventilation and engineer systems
Transformers (dry protected) 10/0,4kW 2500KWA SVEL (Sverdlov Electro)
Power distribution network is equipped with:
Complete input devices 10KW with overvoltage protection system
Complete switchboard systems 0,4 kW. Siberia. Energy service with isolated tire sections
Switchboard 0,4 kW
Put clients' equipment «on the street»
We improved placement areas, formed cable distribution network, prepared places for installation of complete block containers with its equipment
Transformers (three-phase transformer, oil and air cooling, hermetic design) 10/0,4 kW 1000KWA Samara Electrical panel
Energy installation is based on:
Complete transformer substations (CTS) 10/0,4kW made in the appropriate climatic design
Want to find reliable platform for container placement?
Choose our data-center for placing here your own infrastructure and get a feed-in tariff - 4,2RUB/kW (0,076USD).
Consider mining for investment purposes?
Our team made direct agreements with the main mining equipment producers: BITMAIN, Innosilicon, Ebang, WhatsMiner, Avalon
We can help you to earn digital money excluding financial and time losses.
We can consult you and choose the needed equipment
Prepare and deliver all the documents promptly
Place your equipment in our data centers on preferential terms
We will fix your equipment
Safety and efficiency
are the main priorities for us
You can choose pool by yourself
We accept any kinds of payment
Pay only for the 1st month, no security payments
No hidden expenses
125167 Moscow, Aviakonstruktora Mikoyana street, 12
+7 499 955-58-43
Contact through Whatsapp
Working days
Mon-Fri 08:00 - 19:00
Sat-Sun weekends
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